15 Free Summer Date Ideas for Young Black Professionals in Atlanta - I Don't Do Clubs

Looking for some date ideas that will spice up your summer without breaking the bank? IDontDoClubs.com & Spilling Tea With D has you covered with a list of activities you & your bae.  

I Don’t Do Clubs event blog in August 2011 as a solution for young urban professionals who are looking for social events beyond the typical nightclub scene. So if you’re tried of seeing herds of girls in bandage dresses and 5 guys sharing one bottle in VIP then I suggest you visit the site.

To all my wives, mothers, daughters, grandmas, sisters, aunties, cousins, and girlfriends, you are appreciated.

My heart just melted. I stand for Baby Blue then I do Beyoncé. How is that even possible? (at youtube.com/missdferg)

Mentor Wanted?

It’s nothing wrong studying the people that inspire you the most. I never had any mentors, except for my once SSU mentor turned big sister/life coach Michelle. I feel like I’ve never needed one until.

I look at the people who I admire the most in my field, Wendy Williams, RuPaul, Oprah and I can tell the road to success is neither short or clear. All fearlessly made, I hope to be mentioned among them one day. What I want isn’t money. I want power, influence, clout. I believe that money will come along with those things. Nevertheless, it’s an appetizer not the main course. I want my name to be around way longer than my body. Sounds vain but this is what I want.

Ugh, I sound like Francis.

While I’m on the road I’m gonna buy some autobiographies one all the great and hopefully their wisdom will rub off. 

Are You Undateable?

In case you missed it,which mostly you did iCarly star, Jeanette McCurdy  recently slammed her NBA-PLAYER exboyfriend, Andre Drummond for being a bad kisser. After listening to her interview, I came up with my own list of things that can make you UNDATEABLE!

Tell me some traits that would make a person undateable?

It’s another #TalkativeTuesday !

YouTube Video: New Year, New Ferg

Here’s some of my new year’s resolutions for 2014

Which one will you choose? | #MondayMotivation | Spilling Tea with D (at youtube.com/missdferg)