To all my wives, mothers, daughters, grandmas, sisters, aunties, cousins, and girlfriends, you are appreciated.

My heart just melted. I stand for Baby Blue then I do Beyoncé. How is that even possible? (at

Mentor Wanted?

It’s nothing wrong studying the people that inspire you the most. I never had any mentors, except for my once SSU mentor turned big sister/life coach Michelle. I feel like I’ve never needed one until.

I look at the people who I admire the most in my field, Wendy Williams, RuPaul, Oprah and I can tell the road to success is neither short or clear. All fearlessly made, I hope to be mentioned among them one day. What I want isn’t money. I want power, influence, clout. I believe that money will come along with those things. Nevertheless, it’s an appetizer not the main course. I want my name to be around way longer than my body. Sounds vain but this is what I want.

Ugh, I sound like Francis.

While I’m on the road I’m gonna buy some autobiographies one all the great and hopefully their wisdom will rub off. 

Are You Undateable?

In case you missed it,which mostly you did iCarly star, Jeanette McCurdy  recently slammed her NBA-PLAYER exboyfriend, Andre Drummond for being a bad kisser. After listening to her interview, I came up with my own list of things that can make you UNDATEABLE!

Tell me some traits that would make a person undateable?

It’s another #TalkativeTuesday !

YouTube Video: New Year, New Ferg

Here’s some of my new year’s resolutions for 2014

Which one will you choose? | #MondayMotivation | Spilling Tea with D (at

Lady Date: Ming Lee

 This year, I didn’t ask for much but for God to line me up with whatever is supposed to come my way (tape me up Jesus), become more aware of my surrounding, and prepare me any obstacles or opportunities before me. Back in January, I wrote a list of women who I wanted to have dinner with. I began to call them “Lady Dates”.

The mission: To meet face to face with the women that inspire me the most via social media. This is my “Kill Bill” mission to assinate. 


Last night, I had the pleasure to have dinner with celebrity hairstylist, Ming Lee. So let me tell you how I got to meet Ming…

Thursday evening, Ming Lee started a contest to invite 2 people to dinner with her that Saturday night. All you have to do is send quick bio about yourself along with a photo featuring #TeamMingLee. Seem pretty simple right? Blah, wrong! I think I stared at my compute for 30-minutes like “who am I and why would I want to eat with me?” I typed and clicked around then just wrote who I am “a twenty something year old girl who wants to meet someone flyer than me. I just want to meet someone who knows where I’m at right now in life”. Pretty simple and straight to the point. Friday night rolls around and the winners were announced. Bam, your girl was NOT chosen. So I wrote “congrats” to the ladies in the photo and continued my Law & Order marathon. I refreshed my page to see I received an Insta-dm. Well who could it be on a Friday night Insta-dming me? Miss Ming Lee herself inviting me as an extra guest. (If you don’t believe me I have the screen shots to prove it boo.)

"Let me tell you something, some times favor ain’t fair," John Hudson. 

Now back to Saturday night. Ming Lee is young beautician turned business owner who is very open about being ” ‘bout her business”. With 196,000 snobs and counting, Ming Lee has taken insta-Atlanta by storm. What inspired me the most about Ms.Ming was her branding abilities and her efforts to empower young women who are in the beauty industry. Only 27 years old, she owns Snob Life Studios, a beauty salon located Downtown Atlanta and has openly admitted to closing multi-million dollar deals with her virgin hair line.

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So proud of this young lady! High school friend and Roc Nation singer, Alexis Jordan premieres the new song and accompanying video “Gone.”

It’s been a little minute since bronzed bombshell dropped new music. Nevertheless, she looks to be ready to stake her claim as one of the young to keep your eyes (and ears) on this year.